Turkey’s rising company at

Defence Technologies


ARMELSAN meets the demands of defence industry through its high technical and logistic performance.

We offer an innovative perspective and a professional team that assures adjustments to our customers’ demands of underwater acoustic systems during the processes of analysing, designing, developing, producing, testing and integration, installation/setup and training for the maintenance and the repair.

Our professional team provides successful services and products since its first few years in the industry.

ARMELSAN has a significant collaboration with leadingprofessionals such as Klein Marine Systems -the only producer of Side Scanning Sonar in the world.

ARMELSAN aspires to reducedependency of Turkish defence technologies to the foreign market.

ARMELSAN is competitive and innovative with development of Active and Passive Sonar systems.

Armelsan, in collaboration with universities, utilizes the most suitable means of technical and logistical methods to meet the demands of the defense industry with its advanced technological capabilities.

Aiming to reduce Turkey’s external dependance on matters of defense technologies, Armelsan proudly develops and produces underwater acoustic systems in line with national goals.


Creating sustainable solutions for the benefit of national defence industry with the help of high-technology and creativity


ARMELSAN supports Turkey on its way of becoming a global power in the sector with its employees and customers.

We are building honest and reliable relationships with employees and customers.


Contributing to Turkish economics and defence industry alongside with loyalty to our national values

Building honestand reliable relationships with employees and customers.

We aim to make a difference in a competitive environmentwith our innovations based on science and rational decision making

‘Fair’administration ensuring high performance and happiness of our employees.


ISA 19001 certificate shows the dedication of ARMELSAN to follow and provide international standards with their products and other services. Besides the quality of products and further services, ARMELSAN follows international standards throughout the entire production process, ensuring it is led environment friendly and for the highest standards of security. With the motivation of elevating our business to higher standards, ARMELSAN hasobtained the certificates ISA 140001 and OHSAS 18001.