ARAS 2023: Factory Acceptance Tests Succesfully Complated.

ARAS 2023 Diver Detection Sonar is produced by ARMELSAN Defence Technologies for Multi-Purpose Amphibious Assault Ship (LHD), and it successfully completed Factory Acceptance Tests. Besides LHD, ARAS 2023 can be used at various military and civil platforms.

ARAS 2023 is an Active Sonar System which is able to automatically detect and track the location (distance and bearing) of divers using both Open and Close Circuity Respiratory Systems and Diver Deployment Vehicle.

Signal processing algorithms help the system to differ a fish or an object from the diver so that the system automatically detects and issues an alert, without any further assistance from an operator.

ARMELSAN and Turkish Naval Forces conducted tests for the sonar which can be used for the security of strategically important ports and naval bases. Factory acceptance will be completed on December, with Sedef Shipbuilding Inc.

Diver Detection Sonar is developed by only 4 countries in the world, including Turkey.

ARAS 2023 - Performance ByEach Parameter

Deployment Depth 5 - 50m

Frequency 70 kHz

Bandwidth -/ + 5 kHz

Source Level 207 dB

Transmission Signal Types HFM

Detection Range (Ideal Conditions)

-          Open Circuit Divers 800m detection radius

-          Closed Circuit Divers 400m detection radius

-          Diver Delivery Vehicle 1000m detection radius

Weight of Sonar Head (in air)40 kg

Dimensions of Sonar Head Height 425 mm, Diameter 300 mm

Number OF Channel Rx 128 channels, Tx 4 channels

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