Discussions Over National Defence Systems

On 8 March 2017, the workshop named “Deniz SavunmaSanayiindeYukselenTeknolojiler” (Rising Technologies of Naval Defence Industry), organised under the auspices of the Presidency of Defence Industry, advised by Koc University Naval Forum (KUDENFOR), and coordinated by ASELSAN.

Workshop welcomed professionals from the sector and universities in order to discuss technologies affecting naval defence industry.

Opening speech was given by the Founder Director of KUDENFOR, Admiral CemGurdeniz, with a strong emphasis on the geopolitical importance of Naval Defence Industry. First panel of the workshop was on “21st Century Turkish Naval Defence Sector and Competitive Approaches”. Second panel was about “21st Century Rising Technology at Naval Operation Area”, and the final panel analysed “Changing Paradigm: Underwater Century–Identified Underwater Image (TSR)”.

There was a strong emphasis on “naval adaptation with our public and our government.

With 21 notices proposed during the workshop, participants were able to discuss over Turkish Naval Defence Industry within the field of 21st century naval power and trending technologies on a global scale.

Source: Aydinlik


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