DUFAS Project is Signed With Aselsan Under the Presidency of Defence

ASELSAN, ARMELSAN and NANOTECH have signed DUFAS (low frequency active sonar) Project, within R&D Projects managed by the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB).

SSB has started to maintain 10 new R&D projects, with a budget of 300 million Turkish Liras, in order to respond innovative and ever-changing technology needs of security forces.

As one of these projects, DUFAS has the aim of developing piezoelectric single crystal ceramic material and transducers for the low-frequency active sonars.

During the signing ceremony which was held in the Presidency, Ismail Demir, President of Defence Industry, reminded that they are on the track of generating a new structure for the efficient execution of R&D works.

Mr Demir mentioned that the first R&D panel took place on 22 December 2016, and so far, 4 panels of R&D were already executed. According to him, 10 new R&D projects will be signed according to the decisions made at these panels.

He also emphasized on how the Turkish government is supporting R&D through various governmental units. Within these supports mentioned by Mr Demir, the ones focused on the Ministry of Industry and Technology, and TUBITAK have a great importance as dozens of brand new technologies developed by the defence industry largely affect the civil life.


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