“Kaşif” will be the eyes of Fatih at depths.

The indigenous underwater robot “Kaşif” will be the eyes of seismic and drilling ships at seas. Kaşif will be able to handle all deep sea drilling activities up to 3000 meters. In accordance with the Independent and National Energy policies of our nation, we as Armelsan have taken our first step with Kaşif at Fatih Drill Ship as we are transferring the knowledge we have gained in defence industry to energy industry by collaborating with TPAO.

Produced by Turkish engineers, the nationally and indigenously produced underwater robot Kaşif will be the arms, hands and eyes of Turkey in seas.

The second robot that is produced by 35 Turkish engineers will be placed on the Kanuni Drill Ship.

In a Twitter post that was shared by Energy Minister Dönmez, “The indigenous underwater robot Kaşif has started its operations at Fatih. Being our new eyes and hands at seas, Kaşif can transfer the video footage of our drilling operations to main command at depths up to 3 thousand meters and also engage in mechanical work.” was stated.

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